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Planning Condition Appeals - Freeth Farm

Hills are basically arguing that WC's professional officer (Jason Day) supported the 16m buffer zone and 4 times per year noise/dust monitoring but his recommendation was over turned by the Strategic planning Committee without any written justification other than a cursory one line justification for each of the conditions. Hinting that the Committee acted unprofessionally and did not really consider the issues.

However, the Committee Minutes record that: A debate followed. The adequacy of the proposed buffer zone was discussed, and impact on financial viability and residential amenity if this were increased to 70m, along with suggestion that noise and or dust monitoring should be continuous. The impact of additional conditions on operation was raised, and the need to delegate to officers the adjustment of other conditions in the event continuous dust and/or noise monitoring was agreed.

Hills are also claiming that the Financial Viability assessment (which shows that any increase in the buffer zone from 16m makes the project non-viable) is valid and has been checked by professional accountants.

This is of course only correct if you omit the capital residual values, use a doctored sand density as Howard Greenman (Chair of the SPC) was well aware, as I had several conversations with him.

Note: For the avoidance of doubt this means 16m stand-off from the Freeth Farm Cottages property boundaries to the toe of the 4m high and 19m wide bund, so the bund width provides a total of 35m buffer/stand-off zone to the edge of the workings.

You can now download the support documents using the following links.