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We are part of The Oldbury Benefice.
A group of 5 rural parish churches in North Wiltshire

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Rev Matt Earwicker

Rev Matthew Earwicker

Rector to the Oldbury Benefice since June 2018

  • bibleRector of the Oldbury BeneficeDiocese of SalisburyDiocese of Salisbury Jun 2018 - Present
  • bibleAssistant Curate at Salisbury St Marks and Laverstock St Andrews Church of England Jun 2014 - May 2018
  • bibleRidley Hall, University of Cambridge CTM, Theology 2012 - 2014
  • bibleLondon School of Theology DipHE, Theology 2003 - 2004
  • bibleSt John's College, Oxford BA (Hons), Loterae Humaniores 1996 - 2000

Matt arrived with us in June of 2018 and moved into The Rectory with his lovely wife and family. With the five churches of the Benefice under his direct care, together with his team of ministers, lay ministers and administrators he has looked after us through perhaps the toughest of times with the arrival of Covid 19 in our midst.

Services This Coming Month (December/Janary)


Carols and Crib Service

04.30 pm

Led by ?Rev Matt Earwicker


Holy Day Communion


Led by Rev Linda Dytham


Morning Worship

10:00 am

Led by Mrs Pam Evans



4:00 pm

Led by Rev Matt Earwicker

Special Services From The Church

SpecialServices From The Church

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Christenings at St Swithin's

So you would like have your child baptised? Or perhaps you yourself are seeking answers and think that maybe baptism is the first step towards finding them.

Here you will find information relating to baptism

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Your Wedding at St Swithin's

Arranging Your Wedding in St Swithin's

The moment when a couple face each other and make promises about spending the rest of their lives together is a moving as well as a joyful event and it is our desire to make your special day just that - very special.

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Funerals at St Swithin's

A funeral is used to mark the end of a person's life here on earth. Family and friends come together to express grief, give thanks for the life lived and commend their soul into God's keeping. These can be a small, quiet ceremony or a large occasion in a packed church.

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Take yourself on a quick walk around our lovely church using our portfolio of images

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Altar & Chancel

Choir stalls in foreground


Several brass memorials to the families who owned the big house

Church Cemetery

Snowdrops in early spring sunshine

Old pews

Pulpit in background

Priest Door

Religious passage over door

The Crossing

The Rood Screen beyond


With pulpit in background

North Aisle

With font by north door


From Priests Door

Library of Prayer Books and Hymn books

Morth Door in background

Night Time

Church with winter lights ln


A Quiet corner in the south-east of our cenetry

South Aisle

The South Aisle and font


The South Aisle and font

Central Aisle

The Central aisle and the Rood Screen

North Aisle

The Morth Aisle with the Rood Screen and Pulpit

The Nave

The Nave and choir stalls


Snowdrops in our graveyard to the west of the church

Messages From Our Church

A Message From Matt

A Message From MATT

By The Rev Matt earwicker


Bishop AndrewVillages - April 2024...

Dear Friends

It’s Easter again. The highest point in the Christian year. Christmas might have the bigger parties, but it is Easter which Christians have always considered the turning point in the history of the world (even if St Bede understandably felt that our years should be counted from the birth of Jesus, not his death). Because Easter marks both the lowest point in human existence—when humanity was willing to kill the creator of all that exists, animate and inanimate—and the starting point of hope for the future. It is the point where God shows how much he is committed to making this work.

That’s a challenging phrase, isn’t it - “make it work”? It reminds us that some important decisions—even though we feel relatively certain we are making the right choice—require effort even after the decision is made. Whether that is a business deal with a new supplier, a tricky family situation, or some other commitment that stretches our resources, we want it to be successful, but that will only happen if we throw ourselves at it. At which point what really matters is the reason or reasons why we made that decision.

When I was a teenager, my school day began with getting up at 5.45 to get to the station to catch a train that took about an hour, and then walk a mile to school. The school day finished at 6.05pm, and I would be home just before 8, ready to eat, do some homework and go to bed. And I imagine that many of you have had similar times in your lives, whether the reason was school, work, family or something else. The point is not that I think I’m amazing for doing it, but rather that it never bothered me because I loved my school time so much (well, most of it, anyway - I never enjoyed cross country running). It wasn’t will power, nor fear of my parents that got me up in the morning, but a desire to make the most of the amazing opportunity I had.

And it’s similar with God. The Bible teaches us that Jesus didn’t die out of a sense of duty, nor an exaggerated desire to prove himself, but because the reason mattered to him so much: his love for all humanity. God didn’t look at his creation and think, “well, it’s a mess, but it’s all I’ve got, so I’d better make the most of it.” Jesus famously says that it was because God loved the world so much that he sent his son to die for us.

Easter is a time of joy as spring returns, hopefully with a little less rain in store for us this year. The lengthening days, the blossoming flowers and the fresh food to eat raise our spirits. But the greatest joy of all is that it is a time when we remember that God truly does love us all and is willing to do whatever it takes to make that relationship work. And that lifts my heart even more than the sunniest day.

“May Christ, who out of defeat brings new hope and a new future, fill you with his new life.”

With every blessing, Matt



By Rt Revd Karen Gorham ~ BISHOP OF Sherborne


Bishop KarenBishops Letter July 2024

 New Horizons

From my bedroom window I have a great view of both Preston Hill and Hambledon Hill. The Wessex Ridgeway Path passes across them, which spurred me, during my period of study leave earlier in the year, to walk that entire path from Marlborough to Lyme Regis. It took me across many new horizons, across the Wiltshire Downs, around Salisbury Plain and down through the Marshwood Vale to the coast. It was a great walk albeit very boggy in places given the February rain.

The Summer gives us the chance to explore new horizons, whether it be to revisit somewhere close by enjoying some sunshine, or to explore a new place on holiday or a day out. The Bible invites us to enjoy the splendour of creation, to admire God’s handiwork and to take time out with him reflecting on the past and the future.

This summer will also bring a new political horizon, as we pray for our newly elected leaders and continue to pray for the wellbeing of our own country and the peace of the world.

Horizons help us journey on through life in hope, with the assurance that the God of the universe cares for us all very deeply. It is by asking Christ to walk with us through each day, whatever that may bring that we find true contentment, and often some unexpected surprised on the way. This next month let’s commit to doing just that and begin each morning with the words of the psalmist. ‘This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it’ Psalm 118:24

Bishop Karen 



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