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Police & Community Messages

Wiltshire Police are committed to ensuring our communities are at the heart of our policing model. This will help us meet the needs of those we serve in the most effective and transparent way possible.

We first introduced our Community Policing model in 2016 and, in the last five years, we’ve updated and adapted the model to reflect the changing needs of our community. This ensures our model continues to be effective for 21st century policing.

In 2019, we restructured the geographical Community Policing Team (CPT) areas and introduced dedicated neighbourhood officers.

At the time, the former Police and Crime Commissioner wrote to partners across the county to update on our modifications to the policing model, but I am conscious that in recent years, particularly with the ongoing global pandemic, there have been many changes within our communities, in our policing roles and with the ways we work, so I wanted to write and re-introduce the model and remind you of how we are policing your community.

The policing model

  • As a police force, we cover the whole county, across both local authority areas for Wiltshire Council and Swindon Borough Council.
  • The county is divided into eight Community Policing Teams (CPTs).
  • Each team is led by an Inspector and made up of designated Response and Neighbourhood officers.
  • Each CPT has five Response Teams with each one being led by sergeants. The main role of these officers is to respond to 999 and 101 calls and manage ongoing investigations.
  • Each CPT has a Neighbourhood Team. In Swindon this is divided into three areas. These are led by an Inspector and made up of sergeants, officers, Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), volunteers and police staff.

Our Neighbourhood Teams play a valuable role as the main link between the Force and the community. They are the officers and volunteers you will come to recognise in your communities and will see at local meetings and events.

Our neighbourhood officers focus directly on working within the community, offering greater contact with the public and take a problem-solving approach to local community issues.

Your Community Policing Team

We continue to work hard to embed our neighbourhood officers within the town and parish communities and we are working to raise awareness of these teams and how the public and partners can best engage and communicate with them.

Below, you will find an updated list of all our CPTs, the Inspectors who lead them and how you can get in contact with them. You can also find out more information about the team and our policing priorities in the ‘Community Policing Team’ area on our Force website.

We need your help to spread the word

We want every resident to know who their local officers are and how they can contact their local Community Policing Team (CPT).

To help us achieve this please find attached two graphics (half-page and full-page versions) that I kindly ask you share with your local residents and include in any upcoming parish newsletters or communications. These graphics can be used up until May 2022. Following this please contact your local CPT for an updated copy, marking your email for the attention of Corporate Communications and Engagement.

Your support in spreading the word and informing local residents is much appreciated.

I know that many of you may already have regular contact with your local officers. We would like to build on this in 2022, so I would encourage you to share any ideas you may have on how we can work better together and develop this relationship and actively raise awareness locally.

We look forward to continuing to work with you to make our communities safer.

Plans to invest more than £100M into Wiltshire Police estate – including the modernisation and redevelopment of police headquarters in Devizes and the delivery of a Southern Policing Hub - over the next 10 years have been announced.

The new strategy provides residents with a comprehensive vision for how well-placed police stations, hubs and touchdown points provide the right facilities for Wiltshire Police to work smarter, adapt to changing crime demand and, more importantly, provide greater visibility and reassurance in communities.

Main highlights include the planned investment of more than £100m over the next ten years which includes:

This commitment to investment in facilities from the Police and Crime Commissioner is specifically designed to support the changes to the new operating model recently implemented by Chief Constable Roper to improve local policing services by providing a more consistent policing approach alongside increased proactive and visible policing within communities.

To find out more visit: Estates Strategy 2023 - 2027 (

Government funding for policing means PCC must consider a rise in precept to continue improving the force

Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Wilkinson is urging residents to have their say on the policing budget as he considers an average increase of 5.2% - an extra £1.09 a month for a Band D property.

Launched in December by the PCC, the Policing, Priorities and £s survey seeks the views of residents and stakeholders as he develops the budget for policing and commissioned services for the next financial year (2024/25).

As part of the survey, respondents are asked whether their household would be prepared to invest more in policing through the police precept element of their council tax. This, alongside a grant from the government, accounts for the entire budget for policing in the county. As it stands, due to the national police funding formula, Wiltshire Police is the second lowest funded police force in the country per head of capita.

You can complete the survey here.

The Home Office funding settlement sees a real terms increase of just 1.9% (£1.5m) once nationally agreed pay increases and pension changes have been accounted for and now Mr Wilkinson is considering an annual increase of £13 for the average Band D property to continue making improvements within the force.

Even if a £13 per year, per Band D property, increase is agreed, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and Wiltshire Police will still need to make savings of £2.4m to cover the funding gap in 2024-25, as set out in the Mid Term Financial Strategy (MTFS).

Despite the cost efficiency savings required, Mr Wilkinson and the Chief Constable have agreed to ringfence police officer, PCSO and Crime and Communications Centre staff numbers.

With significant investment this year in new training facilities in Wiltshire Police and the procurement of two mobile police stations should enable neighbourhood policing teams to get out and about and engage more within communities.

Road Safety has also benefitted from investment this year, with more speed enforcement officers jobs created, and specialist Speed Indication Devices (SIDs) being installed around the county to identify speeding ‘hot spots’ and provide deterrence.

Mr Wilkinson said: “We’ve seen some significant achievements in the past year that should be reassuring to our communities, including a fourfold improvement in positive outcomes for Rape and Serious Sexual Offences and Wiltshire Police becoming the top performing force nationally in disrupting county lines per head in capita.

“Whilst key improvements have been delivered over past 12 months, there is still much to do to make Wiltshire safer as crime and policing demand becomes ever more complex.

“We need to continue to invest in key areas to maintain the improvements that we are now seeing across the board.

“Wiltshire Police is facing increased financial pressures as we strive to deliver the necessary service improvements required but I am acutely aware the impact any increase could have on our communities at an already challenging time.

“Both the Chief Constable and I are committed to delivering a policing service which meets an ever-changing crime picture and is fit for the future. I am asking for the public to continue to use their voice and have their say.”

Residents in Wiltshire continue to pay the lowest police precept across the South West and even if an increase is agreed with the Police and Crime Panel, this is unlikely to change.

The survey runs from Tuesday 5 December 2023 until Monday 29 January 2024 and can be accessed here.

The MTFS will be presented to the Police and Crime Panel on January 18th. You can live stream the meeting here.

Rural Community Engagement

Saturday 30th March 2024

This weekend we enjoyed a break from the heavy rain and storms that had plagued us of late, as we played host to a drop in surgery for Calne Police at The Benson Hall

PC Bourke and PC Wright played host and were joined later by our old friend PCSO Mark Cook for a couple of hours of pleasant conversation, meeting the faces and personalities behind the uniforms

I look forward to seeing them in our village again the next time such an event is held. Thanks guys for dropping in.

Wednesday 29th November 2023

On a misty, damp and cold late November morning residents of Compton Bassett were invited to a drop-in session at the village hall giving an opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have around the village and surrounding area.

Following on from a week of rural action earlier this year, a rural engagement follow up day was planned for Wednesday (29/11) in various locations.

Today, although the turnout was low, it was nice to meet with PC Jon Bourke, and PCSO Mark Cook. The days of the village bobby living in his village and knowing all in his care are long since gone in the historical sense, it is often claimed that we none of us know our local policeman and only see them as they briefly pass by in their cars. Today was a fantastic opportunity to meet our local police officers and have a chat and get to know them and about the ways in which they help us in the daily lives of our community.

When there is another event organisd by our Rural Community Police, come along and meet these two genuinely nice guys and learn a little about them and what they do for us.

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