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Wiltshire Police Needs Your Views On Equality And Diversity In Policing

Wiltshire Police are seeking views from the public and partner agencies on their proposed new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy for Wiltshire and Swindon to help improve policing services across the county. They would like to hear from you on how they can be more inclusive, deliver excellent services and provide fair opportunities for all the diverse communities they serve and the people they employ.

They are holding two public meetings in October where you will be able to hear their proposals and importantly, tell them what matters most to you about your local police service.

The key questions are:

  • How can we build stronger relationships with our communities?
  • What do you think our priorities should be to ensure greater diversity in Wiltshire Police?
  • How can we work better with partners to tackle disparity in how we deliver services?

The new Strategy describes how they intend to meet their obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED). It sets out a commitment to promoting equality, in line with the principles of equal treatment and equal opportunity. They are also reviewing the Equality Objectives to confirm they remain fit for purpose.

To register your free place, please go to the Wiltshire Police website address below and select the event you would like to attend in Trowbridge or Swindon: https://www.wiltshire.police.uk/article/3376/We-need-your-views

Wiltshire Bobby

Wiltshire Wide Knife Amnesty And Crime Prevention Fortnight

Wiltshire Police are launching a knives amnesty and knife crime prevention fortnight, starting today (Monday 17 September).

As part of Op Sceptre - the national knife crime prevention initiative also launched today, bringing together police forces co-ordinating ways to tackle knife crime - we will be appealing for people to hand in unwanted or illegal knives and bladed weapons during the period of the amnesty: Monday 17 - Sunday 30 September.

A two week campaign will also feature case studies from people whose lives have been affected by knife crime - from the victim of knife crime to the police officer who had to deal with a serious stabbing

Knives are used as an everyday tool in the home and in industry, but when placed in the wrong hands or adapted for the wrong purpose can have devastating consequences.

Special amnesty bins are available at six locations across the county: Swindon's Gablecross Police Station, Marlborough Police Station, Melksham Police Station, Chippenham's Monkton Park, Trowbridge Police Station and the Temporary Police Station at the rear of Five Rivers Leisure Centre in Salisbury. The knife amnesty gives people the chance to dispose of knives and weapons by simply taking them to one of the specified police stations and dropping them in to an amnesty bin. During the period of the amnesty those handing in knives and weapons will not face prosecution for possession of a knife or weapon and can remain anonymous.

Of the 43 forces across England & Wales, Wiltshire had the 29th highest number of serious knife crimes reported. However, for possession offences Wiltshire ranked 34th of 43 - only Gloucestershire was ranked lower within the South West. Between August 2017 and July 2018, there was a total of 800 offences in Wiltshire, where a knife or blade was used, a reduction of 3% on the previous year. However, any incidents of knife crime are a major concern but the public should be reassured that we will continue to vigorously investigate offences linked to any knives or weapons recovered.

Assistant Chief Constable Gavin Williams said: “We want to raise the awareness of the dangers of carrying a knife or owning an illegal weapon. As a county Wiltshire cannot be compared to what is happening in cities like London or Manchester but we cannot be complacent; we must take action to educate the public and do what we can to remove knives from our streets. Most people in Wiltshire or even in the country don’t carry a knife; it should not be considered the ‘norm’. A very small minority choose to leave the house with a knife or blade, but the reality is they themselves are more likely to get injured. We hope this fortnight will give people a chance to safely dispose of knives they no longer use, and think about the knives or weapons they may have in the house. They may not know a knife is illegal or haven’t considered the risk of an ornamental knife or weapon they own. I would also like to appeal to parents across the county to talk to their children. We know that some young people carry knives for what they consider to be protection, but it is placing them and those around them in danger. During the amnesty we are encouraging people to hand in illegal knives such as Zombie knives, Butterfly knives, Flick knives, Machetes and Lock knives. This is a chance to avoid prosecution by disposing of knives safely in an amnesty bin. Even one knife off the streets is one less that can be used to harm or threaten our communities.”

Wiltshire Bobby

The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust Online Safety Initiative

This week we are highlighting the complexities and dangers of cyber crime as part of our summer-long Beyond the Beat campaign. The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust have an online safety team who can support you in your own home and on your own device.

Anyone over 60 or with a registered disability (18+) is eligible for online safety advice.

Calne Area Board ~ Safety Report

Caine Area Board is a group that is run by Wiltshire Council, in order to give and receive information in the community area. It meets every three months; considers requests for funding; and gives information about initiatives in the community. Here are a couple that may be of interest to you.

Online Safety

The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust has launched its Online Safety initiative. This will be the first scheme of its kind in the country. If you are aged 60+, -or over 18 and registered disabled - and have concerns about your online safety, you will be able to apply for a visit from an Online Safety Advisor. Appointment requests can be made by email on bv.onlinesafety@wiltshire.police.uk or by calling 01380 861191

The aim of the Safety Advisor will be to visit 􀀁e client's home to offer a tailored service to:

  • Offer basic practical skills to ensure clients can check and understand privacy settings
  • Offer scam prevention advice
  • Provide support and reassurance
  • Help with identification of potential risks

Safe & Well visits from Dorset and Wiltshire Fire & Rescue: Home Safety Fire Service Safe & Weil Advisors will visit people in their own homes advising on home safety and personal well-being. A Safe & Weil visit is free and normally lasts about one hour, covering such topics as:

  • Using electricity safely
  • Cooking safely
  • Making an 'Escape Plan'
  • What to do if there is a fire
  • Keeping children safe
  • Good practice
  • Identifying and discussing any further support the occupier may need

If you have a thatched property; are living alone; have a young family; are over 65; or a smoker, you can request a visit. If you have mobility or sight or hearing impairments, a visit is a good idea. Visit the website www.dwfire.org.uk to book an appointment online, or ring Freephone 0800 038 2323.
Jane Marshall, Safety Officer, Compton Bassett Parish


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