RAF Compton Bassett Plaque Unveiled 1997

RAF Compton Bassett

RAF Yatesbury Association

The aim of the RAF Yatesbury Association is to preserve the memories and history of the RAF stations at Yatesbury, Compton Bassett, Cherhill and Townsend and all who were involved, particularly those that gave their lives in the service of their country.

I understand that it was the RAF Yatesbury Association who kindly placed the plaque on the main gates of RAF Compton Bassett back in 1997. The plaque was made of etched stainless steel and depicted the campsite as it had been during its service years. Sadly, this plaque was stolen (in 2009, I believe).

The following photos show the unveiling of the plaque in 1997 by Olga Porter, an ex WRAF who had served at Compton, and the plaque in situ (taken in 2003).

RAF Compton Bassett

This information regarding the Plaque unveiling was supplied by Bill Hauxwell, Archivist for the RAF Yatesbury association:

The day was fine and quite a good crowd assembled to witness the unveiling of a plaque depicting the campsite as it was. Some local villagers were also present, and we hope we have recruited them into our ranks.




RAF Compton Bassett

The plaque again is of etched stainless steel, and we are assured of a minimum life of 25 years.

Olga Porter, who was stationed at Compton Bassett was quite surprised at first, but then felt very honoured, to be asked to perform the ceremony. An "official" photographer was on hand to record the ceremony and do a write up in the local rag. The removal of the Ensign went without a hitch, and all was recorded by the press and our members.

The committee wish to extend thanks to Olga for doing the honours at so short a notice, and hope that any members who took pictures can bring them along to the next meeting so Olga can have a permanent record to add to her other memories.



After a closer view of the plaque members made their way to Calne for the rest of the business.

Local members waited anxiously for the publication of the local rag the following week, to see what coverage we had, only to find we did not get either a mention or photo. It then took some digging by Eddie and Olga to trace what had happened to the picture the press had taken. Eventually there was some success, but at the time of writing we have not received any copies.


RAF Compton Bassett today awaiting its fate, whilst current owners, Hills Waste, decide what to fo with it.