Compton Bassett

Compton Bassett Fete 2018

2018 is an important commemorative year and there are celebrations and exhibitions throughout the year to mark the centenary.

The village fete was this year set to follow in that theme and did so in great style.

The organisers had thought of everything, games that many hadn't played since childhood. I overheard many discussing the finer points of playing hopscotch when they were young girls. Even a middle aged portly gentleman who declinedwhen invited to show the particular move that he was trying to tell the younger members of the crowd all about.

There was a quite wonderful exhibition of pictures of the houses, scenes and people of the village from that time, all supported with anecdotal evidence and relevance to make a most informative and engaging exhibition.

There were 'sports' from the time outside on the grass. Tug-o-War, and old and well used skittle alley, unusually the balls were actually round but made up for such acuracy with skittles, some of which would only stand on their own if carefully placed on just the right knot on the wood of the alley floor.

There were afternoon teas in the hall or a beer tent outside for those who needed something just a little stronger.

I leave the most endearing part until last!

All refreshments and purchases were made in the currency of the time, pounds shillings and pence. Currency of that time could be purcased at the Bureau deChange using your newer pounds of today for a fistfull of coins of yesteryear. The old currency threw people, some of whom had never encountered such coinage, but most significantly even those who would once have been very familiar with a pocket full of pennies and shillings were finding it a little dificult to com to terms with old pennies.

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